ODO|Automated Driver Licence Checking

Employees or sub-contractors that drive on company business must hold a valid driving licence.

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ODO|Automated Driver Licence Checking

Why you need this service

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require every employer to carry out a regular risk assessment of risks that may affect the health and safety of their employees while they are at work.

This includes any driving activity on the road.

With this legislation, a key aspect of compliance is that any employees or sub-contractors that drive on company business must hold a valid driving licence. This includes any drivers paid expenses to use their own vehicles.

Using ODO gives you the ability to manage this compliance with almost zero effort.

How it works

To get started you need to load your vehicles and drivers into ODO.

You don’t need much information, the minimum is:

  • Vehicles - Registration number
  • Drivers - Name, email address, driving licence number, home address and National Insurance number

You can load this information individually, from a spreadsheet or ask your Fleet Provider to load them for you.

We or your Fleet Provider will switch on the service for you, from then on ODO takes care of it.


How the Driver gives consent

The drivers are emailed with a link to the online consent process
The driver enters their information to validate who they are
Once verified the driver is emailed a check code to confirm
The driver electronically signs the mandate giving you the legal authority to check their licence - valid for 3 years
ODO electronically checks the licence with the DVLA and updates ODO with the details of the check
You get an alert if the driver has gained penalties or disqualifications

You can view the history of checks for a driver, any penalties/disqualifications they have received, the vehicle groups their licence is valid for and any medical conditions.

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